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File Manager Module

Managing Files

This module allows you to provide your visitors with a list of files they can download from any page you wish. The download list they will see appears at the bottom of the page you assign the files to.

You can use files from any category to appear on any page.

List File Categories
You can then view, edit, and delete your category names.

Add File Category
Before you can upload files you must first create a category (like a folder) for the files to go into. We recommend you give each category a name that will make sense to both you and your visitors. You may want to categorize your files into the types of files they are such as "pdf”, "doc”, "mp3”. Or you may want to categorize them into essential purposes your organization uses such as "new clients”, "warranties”, "private”, etc. We suggest you keep the category name brief.

List Files
Once a file is uploaded you can see it in the list of files. The actual file name will not be the same as it was on your computer; instead it will have a number added to the end. This is to prevent you from accidentally overwriting a file.

Add Files
Allows you to upload new files to any categories.

Adding a File

Add File

Allows you to upload and manage each file you want to provide your visitors.

Assign the category folder where the file will be stored.

Give your file a short but descriptive name that you can refer to later in a webpage or when speaking to people.

Add whatever comments are helpful for your visitor to understand what it is they are downloading. You may want to include further instructions for using the file. Keep your description as brief as possible.

Browse your computer or network to find the file. The actual filename will be changed to a unique number when uploaded.

Once you click submit you may have to wait a few minutes for the file to upload especially if it is a large file.

NOTE: Do NOT click the Submit button more than once unless nothing has happened for several minutes. If you have uploaded a large file, the submission may take a long time to complete. To see the status of the upload make sure your browser’s View > Status Bar feature is turned "on”.

Editing a File
You can edit the information you included when uploading the file. Although the file name will not appear in the browse field, it will still be associated to the information you are changing.

Inserting Files into Web Pages
This is very easy to do because every page will show you what files you have available. When editing any page simply click on the "File Attachments" tab to view the list of downloadable files. Holding down the CTRL key while left clicking any file name will automatically insert the file into the bottom of your webpage. To un-select a file hold down the CTRL key while left clicking the file you want to take off that webpage.

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