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Bulletin Board Module

This module allows you to create forums or bulletin boards similar to chat rooms and blogs.

Adding a BBS to a Page
The BBS module stands for Bulletin Board System. This is commonly known as a "Forum" on the internet. The main purpose of a BBS is to have an organized area for discussions. You can organize discussions by Forums and within each Forum you can have Topics. BBS Users can then post replies in those Topics. All SiteApex sites come with the BBS module installed.

How to setup a BBS on your website:
1. If you are an Administrator of your website and have access to the backend ( go to Modules, select BBS V2 then "Add Forum".
2. Under the BBS Forum, you can then add any Topics you want.
3. You will then need to create a page for the BBS to go on in your SiteMap if you haven't already. When editing the page go to the Modules tab and make sure the "Type of Page" is BBS V2 for the BBS to show on that page. After you have set this page up you can go back and select all or specific BBS's to show on that page.

  • When you are editing your forum you can choose different Access Level's to make it secure.
    "Anonymous" means it is totally public. Anybody that visits the website can make a post on a topic without having to join or sign in.
    "BBS Users" means anybody in the BBS Users group can login and make a post to that Forum.
    "Administrators" mean only the Admins of the website have access to the forum.
  • You can also create Moderators by adding people to the "BBS User" security group and then selecting them in the list of Moderators when you edit a Forum.