SiteApex 9.0

We've been working hard all year and we are thrilled to announce: SiteApex 9.0. There are too many new features to list here for this major release but we have highlighted just a few.

SiteApex 9 Admin Enhancements

  • Integration of cPanel features allowing management of your hosted email accounts and website redirects!
  • New Draft Mode when working on your website pages that won't be published until you want them to!
  • Optimised Publish function that determines the pages you've changed that need to be published!
  • Ability to move a section into a category or turn a category into a section (same with pages)! Complete flexibility now with your SiteMap.

Banner Ad Rotator

Rotator Updates

  • Drag and drop ad ordering!
  • New easy to use layouts
  • Improved flexibility in responsive design

SiteApex Marketing Enhancements

  • Overhaul to Website Leads to include the Staff List tracking and Directory contact submissions in lead tracking reports
  • New CSV Import feature for Target Keywords
  • New benchmarking feature for Target Keywords to better track keyword success
  • New Target Keyword Scan Report feature that tests pages for keyword use, assisting your marketing team with page content updates
  • New SEO Report Generator to provide real-time SEO Results Report

Photo Album

Manage Photos

New front end photo album administration! New ability to upload your photos directly to your front end photo album...even from your phone!

Site Search Marketing Tracking

  • New Site Search plugin available for use in the template plugin manager
  • All search terms tracked and reported in Control Panel allowing you to know exactly what your customers are looking for. Our new report filtering feature by date range, and an Export to CSV, provides your marketing team with valuable SEO data.


Newsletter Page

Our powerful newsletter eblast system can now be used as a page type and placed on your website as a resource in addition to emailing it out. Newsletters can also be organised by category so they are easier to manage and display on your website.

..and much more!

A complete list of SiteApex 9 features is available by clicking here or on the version number in the top left corner logo when logged into you admin!