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August 18, 2014
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June 16, 2011

Introducing SiteApex 6!

Over the past year, the SiteApex Development Team has been working hard on improvements that will make updating your website even easier. Today we are excited to announce and release the following major enhancements...


Our Updated Calendar

New and improved! Check out the features we've upgraded on our Calendar module:

With our updated Calendar, you receive a variety of new, beneficial features:
  • New event categories with colour codes
  • New fancybox modal view for coming events plug-in
  • List Calendar Events upgraded to simplify activating/deactivating events
  • Updated weekly based calendar layouts to use correct year
  • Updated registration events to include the event name properly in notification emails

News Manager

We've updated various aspects of our News Manager...

Now included is a new fancybox modal popup for the Mini News plug-in and new fancybox modal popup for the Feature Article plug-in. Goodbye pop-up blockers!

We have upgraded "List News Feed" to display the number of articles in each News Feed. The "number of articles" will link to the List Articles for that Feed.

Article deletion has also now been included in the Delete Feed function, preventing orphaned news articles from cluttering the database.


It is now easy for you to view your articles sent date as well as the option to scroll through newsletters with paginated content. One can easily filter newsletter history by year and review recipient count for any given newsletter.

View History displays if a newsletter process is still running, failed or completed and our new status field is available to view details determining which recipients were not sent a newsletter (in the case of failure), and which recipients have yet to be processed (if still running).

Admin Area

Page Preview...

  • New and improved Page Preview - View your changes before you submit

The Map Landing Page...

  • New improved design to make integrate brand controlled styling.
  • Upgraded Recent Activity to give more details about recent form responses.
  • New content for accessing the new feedback system.

The Module Landing Page...

  • New improved design to make integrate brand controlled styling.
  • Clickable quicklinks to modules, details on recent usage and system prompting to encourage admin to update site.

We Want To Hear From YOU!

It is important for us to listen to your input. We've created a new system for you to submit your ideas on how we can improve SiteApex. You can even view other's ideas and vote on them!

Why? Because we are committed to you!

At OSM we put all of our effort into building our products and making them better. With this, you have the products you can sell.